The Right Data

Tapping into the right data and sharing it with the right stakeholders in the right format for your supply chain can be the difference between game-changing success or frustrating failure.

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What do we mean by the right data?

Today’s supply chains capture terabytes of data every day. When we speak of the right data, we simply mean making your data actionable—harnessing and analyzing raw information from across your supply chain and turning it into insight that enables better decision making.

How Logistics Toolbox Empowers Your Business
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Site supervisors

Site supervisors view real-time volumes and historic productivity data to staff each shift and react instantly to volume fluctuations. Toolbox puts this critical data on their mobile devices, allowing supervisors to access and analyze actionable insight when they’re in and out of the warehouse. This equips them to make better decisions on the move without scrambling back to their desk or PC to do their jobs.

Operations managers

Operations management ensure processes are efficient and profitable using historic and real-time metrics for productivity, service levels, and labor costs across all supply chain systems. This lets you create smarter standards by measuring success against a comprehensive look at constraints that affect your service levels.

IT managers

IT managers oversee multiple warehouse control systems on a single interface, allowing them to quickly identify fault rates, failures, and other actionable issues across your digital infrastructure. This seamless integration of data from WMS, WCS, WFM, and other systems enables you personally to provide rapid IT support for all systems across your supply chain.

Operational executives

Operational executives compare and contrast practices and financial health across all facilities and systems with consolidated multi-facility data. If one part of the supply chain makes an efficiency breakthrough, the executive can identify that success and make strategic decisions to emulate it throughout the supply chain.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives share web screens with end customers that provide specific data points about orders, inventory, and other status updates. With Toolbox’s quick access to service levels by order or client, your representatives always have shared visibility into every part of your supply chain.

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We created Logistics Toolbox to simplify how your stakeholders find and use actionable data—collecting your entire data story in a unified repository and presenting this insight in an easy-to-consume application.

How Logistics Toolbox Enables Smarter Processes Across Your Operation
Standardized Data

Logistics Toolbox securely archives and standardizes data across any supply chain system using a flexible ETL layer. This lets you develop standardized practices for everything from employee onboarding to data storage and archiving.

Seamless Integration

Logistics Toolbox relies on a platform-agnostic design that easily integrates data from both JDA and non-JDA software, as well as flat file, direct extracts, web services, and the like.

Powerful Insights

Logistics Toolbox gives every stakeholder access to relevant reports and comparisons across locations and systems—providing real-time insight into your supply chain. This equips your operation to self-correct and self-optimize at every level of decisionmaking.

Agile Planning

Logistics Toolbox allows supervisors to see real-time performance of labor productivity across every device in your supply chain. This allows your operation to be responsive at the touch of a button and promote effective change faster than ever.

Logistics Toolbox Features

  • Automated Reporting

    Enable faster and smarter decisions across your operations with over 250 standard reports and dashboards that can be shared automatically via configuration-based email jobs.

  • Unified and Scalable Storage

    Consolidate years of data across WLM and information systems into one easy-to-access repository that grows with your business.

  • Real-Time Visibility into Every Site.

    Analyze up-to-the-minute measurements for each facility, including deep metrics like the average feet traveled per pallet picked or the number of feet traveled by personnel for each pick to carton.

  • API Integration on a Flexible ETL Layer

    Aggregate data across multiple systems and instances using an API-based integration model that communicates via web services, XML, flat files, and the like.

  • Cross-Device Mobile Enablement

    View actionable reports on any aspect of your operation using streamlined dashboards and productivity analytics on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

  • Web-Based Software Model

    Use Logistics Toolbox in a SaaS model, eliminating capitalized infrastructure spend and reducing implementation cost and time to deploy.

  • Flexible Analytics Framework

    Deploy new dashboards and site-specific reports quickly using Toolbox’s self-serving architecture—without relying exclusively on external resources.

  • Roles-Based Interface

    Create the ideal flow of analytics and reports on screen according to user needs and security requirements.

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