Intelligent warehouse solutions that optimize efficiencies and strengthen your ROI.

MacGregor knows warehouses. We have the experience and perspective to help you avoid costly go-lives and disappointing ROI paybacks. Having built our team with talent and expertise from some of the biggest names in the industry, we help customers realize ROIs faster and with lower risk. We watched time after time as directors of operations were given traditional warehouse solutions from traditional vendors that lacked any preemptive analysis or strategic forethought. We knew there was a superior approach to warehouse design, and we sought to make it so. Today, MacGregor Partners is comprised of a best-in-industry team of thought-leading supply chain innovators, collectively determined to give businesses the intelligent warehouse solutions they need to operate as efficiently as possible, and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. With our unmatched attention to detail and deep understanding of the warehouse operations we serve, MacGregor helps warehouse leaders assess, design and implement the most cost-effective, low-risk solutions that deliver on ROIs with efficiency, throughput and achievable ROIs.

A smarter approach to warehouse solutions.

Our intelligent warehouse services ease the burdens and anxieties often associated with warehouse solutions like adding automation, hardware and WMS, WCS or WES software platforms. Informed by years of collective experience across all phases of these solutions, we’ve evolved our process to drive more successful solution designs and deliveries that leverage technologies across the industry spectrum.

Efficient implementation. Smart optimization.
All too often, material handling, software and solution vendors overpromise on ROI and deliver a solution without continuously aligning it to your specifications and operational realities – we call it “ROI Drift.” At MacGregor Partners, we do it differently. We make sure requirements and ROIs are aligned from the sales “promise” phase all the way through design and ongoing support after your go-live. After the warehouse solution design is finalized, we support a thorough decision making process around what hardware and software solutions are needed and who best in the industry is suited to deliver successfully for you. Then, we help with managing those vendors through engineering and implementation. Lastly, we help you optimize. We don’t launch and leave. We know that improvements need to be made, and our consultants and engineers work with you long after initial implementations to make sure you and your team are getting the most out of your system. At every stage of this process, we are cognitively vendor agnostic. But more importantly, we empower you to be, too. In addition, our program managers are always at your service, helping you manage your vendors and hold them accountable throughout each phase. It’s this collective approach, combined with our collective industry expertise that results in clean, low-risk solution implementations.
Assess: Your operation, data and technology.
During the first phase of our process, our team conducts an exhaustive deep dive analysis considering both your data and operational realities. Our analysis is thorough and unique, and leverages our industry veterans’ perspective and experience. In doing so, we carefully analyze variables such as:
• Order, SKU and key data nuances
• Available solutions today as well as emerging technologies
• Likeliness for a proposed vendor solution to succeed given variables often missed during concepting and design
Warehouse solution design.
After we’ve completed a deep dive of your warehouse processes and future needs, we drive requirements and design that considers all angles – this is where MGP is different. Taking often-missed components of your operation into mind, our team carefully identifies the most cost-effective technology solutions to design an intelligent, comprehensive warehouse systems strategy. We provide:
• Vendor assessment and technology vetting
• RFP authoring around new process development
• Requirements and design facilitation that consider intended ROI

Informed by experience. Inspired to make a difference.

MacGregor Partners is comprised of some of the sharpest, most brilliant minds in the industry. We know this because each one of us at MacGregor comes from the biggest names in logistics. We are thought leaders who saw a better way. Working for bureaucracy-heavy giants was our start, but we were inspired to do even more. One invaluable insight is that when it comes to warehouse and distribution center solutions, traditional, one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work. Despite what the big guys might try and tell you about the portfolio they try to sell you. Unlike other logistics companies, our approach to warehouse optimization is wholly resourceful. Rather than offering you a single self-serving solution, MacGregor takes a best-of-breed approach in selecting hardware and software technologies across the industry to design you the most cost-effective, ROI-driven warehouse solution that ensures lower cost-to-serve while maximizing throughput and customer satisfaction. Our services are proven to both protect your ROI and save you money.