& Upgrades

As a turnkey JDA partner, we can execute your entire WMS implementation from start to finish. But that’s only the beginning. Our experts draw on decades of experience across numerous industries in order to tailor your WMS solution for best-fit value for your operation.

Education &

Beyond our JDA and Redprairie WLM expertise, we bring real-world warehouse experience to engage with your workforce. Other companies send a developer who simply repeats back what functionality the software provides, or hands off a functional resource without deep system knowledge. MacGregor offers you a human expert who architects, guides, and oversees your implementation—uniting deep product and technical knowledge with peerless operational experience. This lets us form a smart, empathetic partnership to provide the framework for a WLM implementation that virtually eliminates risk and issues.


We maximize the value of your JDA investment by extending functionality to specifically fit your operation—without disrupting the upgrade path of your software investment.

Diverse Development Experience
We know JDA software. Our team includes experts who worked inside JDA in product development, services, and support along with in-industry developers who purchased, owned and operated JDA software across numerous facilities. We understand the importance of tuning each query as data volumes increase in order to prevent performance issues today and in the future. We also grasp the immeasurable value of presenting actionable error messages to operators and supervisors when exceptions occur. Count on us to elegantly develop solutions for your company spanning labels, reports (RPWriter reports and Jasper reports), MOCA, integration with external systems, RF, C Java, DDA (Data Driven Applications), and .NET/C#.
Solutions Tailored to Industry
We deliver the JDA enhancements you need to compete globally without undermining the software foundation that your company relies on. This strikes the perfect software balance between streamlined efficiency and long-term reliability.
Lasting Support with Onshore Developers
We treat our clients as partners, not paychecks. This means we guarantee you onshore support from our dedicated support and development teams, giving you 24x7x365 access to resources that ensure your software functions as efficiently as your operation requires throughout its lifecycle.


When we describe everything in your supply chain working better together, we envision a seamless union of software, people, and processes that delivers value at every touchpoint. For software, this means flexible integration of data from JDA and non-JDA systems to enable a unified look at any aspect of your supply chain. For people, this means deepening the communication and culture of your business with smart consulting and training. And for processes, this means drawing insight from every element of your operation and using that insight to optimize your supply chain from end to end.


Our supply chain experts weave together experience between operational and technical backgrounds to create a powerful and unique perspective for your operation. While other companies send hands-off consultants to recommend abstract ideas, you can count on MacGregor to identify untapped efficiencies in your operation and then roll up our sleeves to help your team solve them.

Premium Onshore

When you rely on a MacGregor solution, you gain a true partner. All our clients receive expert support from our onshore team of developers and IT experts, who offer your business 24x7x365 access to resolve any software issues. You can count on MacGregor to ensure your software delivers exactly the value you need throughout its lifecycle.