There’s a better document solution.

We created Folio to digitize every document in your supply chain inside a mobile-enabled repository, enabling faster approvals, reduced risk, and automated efficiency—without dealing with pounds of paper.

Supply chains are drowning in paper.

Across your supply chain, you depend on bills of lading and countless other printed documents to capture signatures, track ownership and liability, record compliance, and share information with your stakeholders and customers.

These documents are essential—but you also have to sign, store, and access all these physical files to keep your supply chain running effectively. Meanwhile, all that paper keeps stacking up. This drives up costs for storage and printing, slows operations, and increases the risk of losing a critical document (And don’t forget the environmental impact of turning thousands of trees into an avalanche of paper files.).

Folio Drives Document Agility Across Your Supply Chain.

Folio transforms your paper files into an agile document management system: electronic signature capture, digital archiving, and rapid access—all inside a shared web-based application that works across mobile devices.

How Folio Empowers Your Business
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Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers verify multiple documents with a single signature on Folio’s mobile interface—clearing the yard quickly to reduce wait times and get back on the road.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives can view and share all signed documents in Folio’s shared digital repository with a single click—ending the need for paper storage, speeding document access for key users and end customers, and eliminating the risk of losing an important file.

Facility Managers

Facility Managers instantly review standardized reports, bills of lading, and essentially any file from any origin system inside Folio’s single web-based application—making smarter decisions for the entirety of your operation with reduced waste and auditing risk.

End Customers

End Customers receive automated email reports from Folio whenever a key task is completed—increasing visibility by automatically sharing packing lists, bills of lading, and other essential files without the environmental impact of printing every file

How much impact can one document really have?

Shipyard with shipping containers.

How Folio Drives Document Agility Across Your Operation

Document Transfer

You transfer a new document to Folio, which completes file parsing and OCR to catalog this new file.

No need to pass metadata, just send the document to an inbox/pickup file directory.

Complete file parsing and OCR against the file to determine what the file is, key metadata, etc.

Document Load

Documents are loaded into a new or existing document set based on file type and gathered metadata.

Folio repeats this process with any additional documents.


Now you can search for any document inducted in Folio simply by typing any text within the document.


Folio captures your signature once and applies it to complete all documents in the set.

Folio Features

  • Digital Signature Capture

    Allow drivers and facility managers to approve multiple documents with a single signature, clearing the yard faster than ever.

  • Mobile Enablement

    Enable operators to capture signatures and ensure delivery accuracy on any tablet, smartphone, or any web-enabled device. The result is real-time visibility across your supply chain

  • Electronic Document Archive

    Store, share, and search for bills of lading and other vital documents across your supply chain without the pain of paper records; Folio also takes in metadata (such as master shipment number or bill of lading number) and determines it on-the-fly with every new file to ensure accurate classification.

  • Rich Search Capabilities

    Locate any file at any time across your supply chain with a text indexing system that performs OCR on scanned documents and parses PDFs to pull key data elements from any document added to your repository.

  • Shared Web Portal

    Empower 3PLs, carriers, and customers to view essential documents from multiple origin systems using one cross-device web application—and customize document permissions to only share sensitive documents with the right stakeholders.

  • Automated Reporting

    Ensure customers and key stakeholders receive packing lists and other reports by automatically emailing these documents as soon as they’re created.

  • Logical Document Grouping

    Link related documents (such as a packing list and driver ID) into organized sets for rapid retrieval and processing.

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