Mind your own business.
While our breakthrough supply chain solutions handle the rest.

It’s true. In the world of big name logistics, MacGregor Partners is an underdog. But that just means we are hungrier, leaner, faster, more agile, and more driven to analyze and optimize your supply chain.

JDA/WMS Implementations

Our methods fix the madness.

As a turnkey JDA partner, we can execute total WMS implementations from start to finish. With empathy and insight, we draw on our in-depth warehouse experience, JDA mastery, and knowledge of operations and distribution best practices to understand the systemic needs and best-fit value for your supply chain.

Toolbox Supply Chain Analytics

The right data. Right on time.

Toolbox simplifies how you find and use actionable data in real-time. Its industry-leading software collects and analyzes your complete data story and compiles it into a single, unified repository. Toolbox then presents the insight in a simple, easy-to-consume app interface, allowing you to work smarter, every hour of the day.

  • 6:40 AM

    On top of the morning.

    With Toolbox’s mobile first technology, review your entire network’s metrics and performance from any web enabled device first thing, while waiting for your coffee to brew.

  • 7:45 AM

    Start the day with a glimpse into the future.

    Never start the day or a shift blind. Leverage Toolbox’s predictive analytics and multi-system forward looking visualization to know exactly where to prioritize labor to meet your customers’ ever-changing demands.

  • 9:30 AM

    Better yourself.

    Allow operators to review their daily and monthly performance against themselves, their peers, or their team with self-service kiosk options on mobile devices or workstations in the breakroom or on the floor.

  • 12:00 PM

    Sharing is caring, for your customer.

    Give your customer service team direct access to all the critical information they need to respond immediately to requests. Take this further by providing your customers with direct access to only their order information, thus eliminating the routine calls customer service personnel take.

  • 2:00 PM

    Prove to any visitors you run a data-driven organization.

    Walk existing and potential clients through a facility that showcases performance, SLAs, and other key operational metrics on screens that drive intelligent and proactive decisions to prove your purpose to best serve them.

  • 4:00 PM

    Make sure you won today.

    Allow management to immediately review daily metrics against goals and expected output. Give them the ability to track whether or not they met all their customer commitments for the day and what needs to change or happen if they did not.

  • 7:00 PM

    There for you.

    Let Toolbox notify you day or night about an impeding systemic failure across any system before the business is even aware, with proactive alerting and monitoring capabilities.

Folio Document Digitization

Automated. Efficient. Secure.

Folio saves you money by transforming your paper files into an agile document management system: electronic signature capture, digital archiving, and rapid access – all inside a shared web-based application that works across mobile devices.

Intelligent Warehouse Solutions

Best-in-industry expertise.
Best-of-breed warehouse solutions.

Unlike the bureaucracy-laden logistics giants, our approach to warehouse optimization is resourceful and wholly vendor agnostic. Rather than offering a single self-serving solution, we take a best-of-breed approach to select the technology and hardware from across the industry to design you the most cost-effective, ROI-driven complete warehouse solution.